Artist Avail / Comments
Al Gore available
Anderson Cooper lecture with video clips  
Andrew Sullivan The Dish blogger
Ann Coulter available
Arianna Huffington available
Arnold Schwarzenegger available
Ben Stein available
Bill Maher available
Bill O’Reilly available
Chelsea Clinton speaks on human rights and global poverty
Condoleezza Rice available
Cory Booker Mayor of Newark, NJ
Dakota Meyer Medal of Honor recipient
David Axelrod Senior Strategist, Obama Re-election Campaign
Donna Brazile available
Ed Rendell Former Governor of PA
Ed Schultz available
Eliott Spitzer available
George P. Bush available
Howard Dean available
Iranian Hikers all three together
J.R. Martinez Dancing with the Stars; Iraq War Vet
James Carville former lead strategist for Bill Clinton
Jesse Jackson available
Jon Huntsman available
Jon Lovett Obama speechwriter
Jon Meacham available
Joseph Kennedy II available
Joseph Wilson available
Karl Rove available
Keith Olbermann available
Kevin Powell available
Lawrence O’Donnell available
Lisa and Laura Ling Laura was detained in North Korea
Madeline Albright first woman U.S. Secretary of State
Mario Cuomo Former Governor of NY
Michael Savage conservative radio host
Oliver Stone Oscar-winning film director
Ralph Nader available
Ray Nagin Former Mayor of New Orleans
Robert Gibbs former Obama press secretary
Robert Griffin III available
Rosario Dawson    
Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of NYC
Sal Giunta first living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam
Sarah Palin available
Sean Astin available
Stanley McChrystal former commander of U.S. and int'l forces in Afghanistan
Tom Brokaw available
Tucker Carlson available
Waleed Rashad Co-Founder, Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement