Artist Avail / Comments
Anderson Cooper lecture with video clips  
Andrew Sullivan The Dish blogger
Andy Cohen Bravo exec / host
Ann Coulter available
Arianna Huffington available
Bill Maher available
Bill O’Reilly available
Charlie Rose available
Connie Chung available
Dan Savage It Gets Better; sex advice columnist
Debbie Allen dance legend
Ed Schultz available
Eliott Spitzer available
Elisabeth Hasselbeck available
Giuliana Rancic E! host is a cancer survivor
Harry Shearer available Exclusive
Jerry Springer available
Jon Meacham available
Joy Behar available
Katie Couric available
Larry King available
Lawrence O’Donnell available
Lisa and Laura Ling Laura was detained in North Korea
Michael Savage conservative radio host
Nev Schulman MTV's Catfish
Perez Hilton celebrity blogger
Regis Philbin available
Robin Roberts available
Stephen Colbert available
SuChin Pak MTV correspondent
Tavis Smiley available
Tom Brokaw available
Tucker Carlson available