Artist Avail / Comments
Al Gore available
Alicia Silverstone available
Anna Lappe available
Bill Nye

The Science Guy

Cody Lundin Discovery Channel's Dual Survival.  Speaks on Survival and Sustainability.
David Rockefeller Jr. philanthropist, ocean conservationist
Davis Guggenheim director of Oscar-winning doc An Inconvenient Truth; Waiting for Superman
Ed Begley, Jr. available
Erin Brockovich available
Isabella Rossellini Fall 2013 - Green Porn performance
Jane Goodall April 2013
John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods
Natalie Merchant lecture + musical performance
Neil deGrasse Tyson

astrophysicist, visionary

Paul Watson Whale Wars
Philippe Cousteau available
Ray Nagin Former Mayor of New Orleans
Rosario Dawson    
Sigourney Weaver available
SuChin Pak MTV correspondent
Ted Danson ocean conservationist
Van Jones available