Have a look at this variety of speakers currently hitting the circuit. Call or email for a comprehensive list of options.

Artist Avail / Comments
Al Sharpton available
Andrew Sullivan The Dish blogger
Ann Coulter available
Antwone Fisher available Exclusive
Arianna Huffington available
Augusten Burroughs available
Baratunde Thurston web editor of The Onion
Ben Mezrich The Social Network based on his book
Bill Bryson available
Bill O’Reilly available
Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger available
Clive Barker available
Cornel West available
Dakota Meyer Medal of Honor recipient
Dave Barry available
Doris Kerns Goodwin available
Fran Lebowitz available
Howard Wasdin SEAL Team Six
Ishmael Beah former Sierra Leonean child soldier
Jack Welch former GE Chairman
James Frey available
James Van Praagh Ghost Whisperer
Jane Goodall April 2013
Jodi Picault available
John Irving available
John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods
John Perkins available
Jon Meacham available
Kathleen Reichs available
Lena Dunham Creator or HBO's Girls
LeVar Burton

Reading Rainbow

Lynn Nottage available
Maya Angelou available
Mitch Albom available
Neil deGrasse Tyson

astrophysicist, visionary

Sarah Vowell available
Stanley McChrystal former commander of U.S. and int'l forces in Afghanistan
Tom Brokaw available
Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biographer