Drew Rosenhaus

Lecture by one of sports’ most feared and successful agents – the fast-talking, fast-texting inspiration for the film “Jerry Maguire.”  He’s the man behind the mantra “show me the money,” and may be the most important player in pro football today.

Drew Rosenhaus is the shark who took the NFL by storm.  Pro football’s most successful agent, Rosenhaus has negotiated over two billion dollars in contracts for players at every position and with every team.  Through creativity and innovation, he has brokered several record-breaking contracts and ground-breaking endorsement deals which have set the precedent for the sports industry. Rosenhaus represents over 100 active players, more than any agent in the NFL, including: Clinton Portis, Darnell Dockett, Tommie Harris, Plaxico Burress, Chad Ochocinco, Willis McGahee, Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, Kellen Winslow, Jr., Jeremy Shockey, Frank Gore, DeSean Jackson, Lance Briggs, Anquan Boldin, Rob Gronkowski and Zach Thomas. Rosenhaus dominates the competition through a formula of hard work, hands on personal attention, resourcefulness, and an unparalleled determination to succeed for his clients no matter how daunting the task.

The most recognized agent in the business. The last time I checked, he is the agent of choice for most athletes blessed with common sense.” – Stephen A. Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer

A graduate of the University of Miami and Duke University Law School, Rosenhaus was just 22 years old in 1988 when he established Rosenhaus Sports Representation, making him the industry’s youngest agent.  Perhaps his most indelible mark is his ability to fulfill the mantra “show me the money,” a phrase immortalized by the hit movie “Jerry Maguire,” which was inspired by Rosenhaus.


Rosenhaus’ most recent book, Next Question: An NFL Super Agent’s Proven Game Plan for Business Success, is a memoir that focuses on the art of negotiation.  Next Question is the playbook for entrepreneurs who want to get to the top of their profession – whether they are just starting out, taking their business to the next level, or aspire to hone their negotiating skills. This behind-the-scenes strategy guide combines spot-on instruction with anecdotal examples that will inspire you to “air it out” in your professional life.  Don’t miss the book – and lecture – that turns players into champions and competitors into winners!

Rosenhaus’ inspirational and motivational speech topics include: Take on the Right Challenge; Know Which Battles to Pick; Negotiate Smarter Than the Other Guy; Know When to Pull the Trigger on a Deal; and Cultivate Your Image.

60 Minutes Profile, Oct. 2011
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