Antwone Fisher

Lessons for succeeding in life, from the bestselling author and screenwriter

Winner of 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work

In his lecture, Antwone Fisher recounts the gripping story of his tumultuous childhood, his stormy years of self-discovery, and his astonishing path to extraordinary success.  With his early years so challenged they could be mistaken for fiction, Antwone captivates his audience and imparts thought-provoking lessons that are poignant and inspiring.

Antwone Quenton Fisher was born in prison to his teenage mother. He became a ward of the state of Ohio and was placed in a loving home, but it was apparent that the foster mother had become too attached to Antwone, deeming a reunion with his birth mother too difficult for the child.  He was then placed in another foster home where he would suffer twelve years of abuse.  Fisher survived the cruelties of foster care and the brutalities of homelessness and set on a course of healing after joining the United State Navy where he served his country for eleven years.

Antwone is now an award-winning screenwriter, author, producer and director. The New York Times Best Seller Finding Fish: A Memoir is the inspiring story of his incredible life’s journey. The film “Antwone Fisher”, written by Fisher himself, reflects on his life as a sailor and as a child growing up in Cleveland.  His collection of poetry, Who Will Cry for the Little Boy?, reveals the inner truths that took Fisher from a turbulent childhood to the man he is today. His most recent book, A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie and Other Lessons for Succeeding in Life, won the 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work.  It is an inspiring, practical guide to the basic skills that every boy needs to become a successful man and every man needs to become a respected citizen.  Fisher imparts the importance of developing one’s identity and spirituality, and giving back to one’s community.

In Antwone’s moving yet humorous lecture, he shares his conviction of the importance of facing the challenges of life head on.   He explains the significance of self-reliance, literacy, and building a life of consequence that improved oneself, the community and society at large.   He tells of the necessity, no matter what age, of making good personal choices, no matter how inconvenient the choices may be, and of the importance of reinventing oneself and preparing for every chapter in life.   He also expounds on why it is essential to do these things in order to attain a successful and happy life.   Antwone details the philosophy he developed over his lifetime and explains how it brought him to the extraordinary success he enjoys today.

Speech Topics: The Antwone Fisher Story; Foster Care and Adoption; Mental Health;  Leadership and Management; Writing and Filmmaking

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Antwone Fisher has never hesitated to share the valuable lessons he’s learned in life, and his latest book presents a collection of great advice from which all young men can benefit. In A Boy Should Know How To Tie a Tie, Fisher examines self worth and identity, and explores what it means to live as a man of grace and purpose. He illustrates that, while self image and personality are created on the inside, a man’s character is reflected by the way he presents himself on the outside. This is an important bit of truth, and I urge young men everywhere to read Fisher’s compelling guide to manhood.” – President Bill Clinton

Antwone’s own life story is more than fascinating. He has achieved against all odds.” – Tavis Smiley

Finding Fish reads like a great work of fiction, moving me alternately to tears and laughter, sorry and joy, and making me forget at times that the story is astonishingly true.” – Denzel Washington

Mr. Fisher shared his heart-wrenching story, which quieted the audience as every person listened to and attentively awaited his every word. Though his story was filled with many tumultuous events, Mr. Fisher was very entertaining, delightful yet impactful. His story proved to be the inspiration for the century! I strongly recommend anyone in search of a great motivational speaker to consider Antwone Fisher.” – University of Nebraska-Ohama

Antwone received a standing ovation from the room that included housing providers, mental health providers, public health and social service professionals, child development staff, policymakers, and homeless youth.” – Family Housing Fund, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Fisher made a tremendous impact on our audience. His compassion and sincerity resonated throughout the pavilion. He gave each person a reason to dream, hope and persevere through the most difficult of situations. Dr. Fisher was also very kind to take pictures with everyone who asked.” 
– New Horizon Center, Milwaukee, WI

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